IP Telephony in The Internet Store (E-commerce)

Telephony in an online store or for E-commerce project is designed in a special way because the flow of incoming advertising calls is random and sometimes peak. It is necessary to ensure multi channel advertising numbers with the placing of each new client in the queue. For the CEO of the online store, first of all, call statistics and recording of conversations between the client and the employee is important. In the case of B2B sales, an important tool is also a CRM system that works in tandem with the call center of an online store.

With the help of the Call Center, you can significantly increase the customer base and improve the quality of the company. Asterisk is one of the systems that is optimally suited for building a telephony system in an online store. Due to the availability of important functionality and great opportunities, the organization of the call center is quick and qualitative.

What does the call center in the online store?


  • Record conversations – the manager can always monitor the process how the managers communicate with the customers and resolve controversial situations.
  • Listening and intrusion into the conversation – the promoter mode, you can make hints to the manager while the client will not hear them.
  • A voice menu – the client can choose which department he wants to call or dial the employee’s internal number with whom he has already communicated earlier.
  • Music while waiting – when all managers are busy the client is listening to a melody and information, advertising messages.
  • Queue – in case of multiple simultaneous incoming calls, the customers create a queue, thereby the work of managers will become more efficient.
  • No need to purchase additional software – all the necessary functions are already in the system
  • The possibility of integration with the company’s embedded systems already exists in the online store
  • Distribution of operators, do not forget that asterisk is primarily a PBX phone system, and the manager or employee can be in another city or region and take calls.
  • With the help of asterisk in the online store, you do not miss a single important call of your client. The telephony system is able to handle a large number of incoming and outgoing calls.

What is the call-center for the online store:

  • Server IP telephony, most often it’s an iron computer;
  • Ip phones;
  • Telephone headsets for operators;
  • Network switch (Switch);
  • GSM gateway, it is multi channel VoIP gateway
  • It is worth noting that we do not mention such small things as furniture for operators, office partitions, etc. Considering the fact that Asterisk is a free product, the savings to spend on creating the infrastructure of your online store and.