Internet Messengers Bypassed the Popularity of SMS for the First Time

A significant part of the income of mobile operators is being vanished on our eyes. In 2012, mobile operators received less revenue from SMS in the amount of $ 23 billion. The popularity of Internet messengers continues to grow.

Internet messengers bypassed the popularity of SMS

The analytical company Informa has published a report in which it provides obvious, but unpleasant information for mobile operators. It says mobile Internet messengers, such as WhatsApp, Viber or Skype, have overtaken SMS messages in the number of messages sent for the first time in history.

According to the estimations by Informa, in 2012, the users around the world transmitted 19 billion short messages via Internet messengers average. While only 17.6 billion messages per day were transmitted via SMS.

Analysts in their reports say that such a shift already has a significant impact on the revenue structure of mobile companies. For mobile operators, SMS messages over the past two decades have been a good addition to the budget.  Compared to the current situation, this share of revenue is decreasing. Informa says that in a conversation with analysts some operators have already recognized the fact of falling revenues from SMS.

According to the company Ovum, in 2012, mobile operators from different countries in 2012 received less revenue from SMS in the amount of 23 billion dollars.

Informa says that they roughly agree with the estimates for the outflow of profits of $ 23 billion per year, but expect that in 2013 this figure will grow even more and exceed $ 25 billion.

By 2014, Informa expects approximately 50 billion messages to be sent per day via various Internet messengers and 21 billion messages via SMS. At the same time, the company notes that although the popularity of messengers will continue to grow, it is still premature to completely write off SMS.

“SMS still has a lot of vitality, SMS is sent even by those subscribers who own smartphones and use Internet messengers,” says Pamela Clark-Dixon, an analyst at Informa.

According to her, many consumers in developing countries still use conventional cell phones and most Internet messengers are not available to them. According to the forecast of Informa, by 2016 the revenue of operators from SMS services amounted to 127 billion dollars.

Prepared by SMS-Smart team