Conversations Recording In PBX Systems

How often did you have to resolve a contentious issue between the client and your employee? The client is always right, but the truth can only be recorded by PBX conversations and the “patient’s problem” is solved.

How to optimize and speed up the work of your employees by recording PBX conversations?

Most of the classic PBXs do not support the recording function of conversations, for some, you need to purchase additional software, embedded boards, and an additional computer, and even then finding the desired recorder it is difficult enough in the file slide, especially after a long period of time.

In Asterisk IP-PBX recording the conversations are the basic function. You can turn it on in the web interface and can easily find the conversation recorded. Records are stored on the system’s hard disk, or on an external NAS network storage. If necessary, old records (for example, more than a year) are deleted so as not to clutter the medium.

What is the mechanism and advantages of the conversations recording at the IP-PBX Asterisk?

  • Autonomous control over the discipline and communication of employees, as well as the quality and effectiveness of their work, thereby increasing the company’s revenues;
  • The very knowledge of employees, the fact that all conversations are recorded, will make them more responsive to work;
  • You can calmly and carefully evaluate the communication of your employees, pointing out their shortcomings and mistakes;
  • You get a conflict resolution tool in with your employees, relieving yourself of headaches and additional problems;
  • If necessary, employees can listen to their records of conversations (debriefing) analyzing their mistakes and improving their skills.
  • Employees do not need to constantly record customer information on a scrap of paper;
  • You can reduce the cost of telephone calls to the company, especially it is important for long-distance calls.

In the case of the introduction in the company of CRM system, recording conversations are drawn to the history of the relationship with customers and more than one conversation will not be lost.