Asterisk PBX for Office Usage

Asterisk PBX for office

Asterisk PBX for office is the best and optimal solution for small and medium businesses. Being free software, it supports many VoIP protocols and all the functions of a classic mini-PBX. Asterisk runs at a low level under the Linux operating system and has a graphical intuitive web interface.

Advantages of a PBX based on Asterisk:

  • Flexibility of settings, the ability to implement almost any dial plan functionality;
  • Saving on international calls, since the PBX system is connected directly to the telecom operator via IP telephony;
  • No need to purchase licenses and expansion cards for ATS capacity;
  • The ability to integrate with third-party business applications and databases;
  • Scalability, capacity, and number of subscribers depend only on the performance of the server/computer;
  • Reduction in the cost of laying telephony networks, since computer voice networks are used for voice transmission.

Necessary equipment:

  • VoIP phones and headsets for operators;
  • Gateway of city lines, or digital streaming E1 (up to 30 channels) or analog FXO for the required number of lines;
  • GSM gateway, for the required number of sim cards and channels;
  • FXS gateway, if you need to connect analog phones or faxes to the PBX;
  • Network Switch (Switch), the faster the better;
  • Router (router), in the case of remote branches or employees with a VPN function;
  • Uninterruptible power supply UPC for continuous operation;
  • Patch panel PoE, telecommunication cabinet as needed.

Asterisk PBX for office – Methods of incoming communication:

  • GSM SIM card for mobile operator;
  • Digital stream E1 (fiber / twisted pair);
  • SIP, UTP twisted pair or Internet channel;
  • Analog line, copper two-pair cable.

Organization of the employee’s workplace:

  • IP telephones, (twisted pair);
  • Headset + IP-phone;
  • Softphone + headset (headset can be two types of analog and USB);
  • Analog phones and analog fax machines.